No Theaters + No Stars = More Nudity

Look, I was the assistant manager for a locally owned video store. I know. Really, I know. Every week I’d get a handful of new “features” that somehow skipped their theatrical run. Maybe it’s harsh to say Direct-to-DVD are mostly crap, but think of it this way: would you rather go see There Will Be Blood or stay home to watch Legally Blonde 3? Interestingly, MGM is also releasing Wargames 2. No word on Matthew Broderick’s involvement.

““American Pie Presents: Beta House,” the sixth film in the popular comedy series, was sent straight to DVD.”

“The film, which cost less than $10 million to make, is expected to sell more than a million units — in line with two previous “American Pie” installments that were produced specifically for DVD release, according to Universal. That translates to sales of about $30 million before adding revenue from rentals and the sale of distribution rights to cable networks.”

“They drop everything but the franchise concepts and the titles, and hire cheaper acting talent. Add a marketing campaign of decent weight to increase the size of the audience that remains and — presto — more profit, pound for pound, than some big action flicks. Oh, and get rid of that pejorative-sounding direct-to-DVD term. Call it DVD Premiere.”



2 responses to “No Theaters + No Stars = More Nudity

  1. “Made for less than $10 million…” I would certainly hope it was far less than $10 million. Imagine what we could do with that. Our trilogy & then some.

  2. It’s certainly a lot of hookers and blow.

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