#2,665,246…and Climbing!


“If You Like Mystery / Suspense Novels Full Of Quirky Characters And Off Beat Humor This Might Be A Novel Which You Would Enjoy. There’s A Cat Named Mr. Puddles, A Big Guy Who’s A Wimp Named Zed, A Woman Named Melissa Wigglebenny, A Garbage Man Who Looks Like A Viking, A College Student Who Daintily Sips Soda Like A 1930’s Movie Star, A Female Belly Dancing Instructor With A Beard Who ‘Resembles Castro On A Bad Hair Day’ And Lots Of Other Quirky Characters.”


Melissa Wigglebenny and husband Mike live what seems like the idyllic lifestyle. Their home is a beautiful rent controlled Soho, New York, loft. He’s handsome and successful. She’s voluptuous. Both are in the prime of their lives.

But exteriors lie.

She’s a tormented individual, reduced to taking pills, drinking to excess and running from imaginary ghosts. Since the accident nine months ago life’s been unraveling. Therapy’s not working. Her nerves are shot. Unfortunately, things are about to get much worse.

A strange doll is left on the floor in her loft. Who left it and why? Later that evening there’s a terrible crime outside the loft. Is there a connection?

The macabre events keep adding up. A miniature Trojan horse is left in her living room. Inside its mouth is a disturbing item. A suspicious brown car with tinted windows is seen parked outside the loft’s windows too many times for her comfort. Who is inside? Is she being watched? She takes it upon herself to find answers. Somebody’s trying to scare her or drive her into an asylum or the arms of another man. Who? The angry heroin addicted youth across the street that she fired for shoddy repair work? Her mysterious maid Della? The sugary sweet female college student she hired to do some typing who holds an unusual appetite for bubble baths? The suspiciously wealthy, handsome chef in training who lives across the hall and makes exotic cakes and very strange cuisine creations? The grumpy landlord with a passion for cheap Halloween decorations who wants them out of the apartment due to rent control? Maybe it’s her own husband Mike? She discovers the truth on a dark night. Now she must race to save a life.”

Soho Loft Number Six – by Bryce O’Reilly

Mr. Puddles? Miniature Trojan horse? Viking garbage man? Strange doll? Bearded belly dancing instructor? I can’t believe this story hasn’t been told before.


2 responses to “#2,665,246…and Climbing!

  1. uh.. unauthorized biography, anyone?

  2. You can’t prove anything. These are generic details…could be anyone.

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