There’s A Surprise Gift Under Your Seat

Hyundai, worried about the impending recession and unhappy with the creative from their agency, recently considered giving up their two 30-second spots during the Super Bowl. In the end, they opted to keep the slots and go forth with an advertising campaign they clearly don’t have much confidence in. At a reported $3m per spot, that’s a lot of green.

Hyundai, if you’re reading this (which I know you totally are), I suggest you take the $6m and go Oprah on someone’s ass. At $10,775, you could give away 556.8 Hyundai Accents. Seriously. Give them to the disadvantaged, the elderly, anyone you want. It’s money better spent than getting 60 seconds of attention from 90 million viewers. And, if you’re feeling extra generous, you could discount each car by $3.87 and round it up to an even 557. I hate to think what options you give up to get .8 of an Accent.


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