I Can’t Fly Without My Nunchukas

Prior to my recent business voyage, I perused the TSA website to be sure my deodorant and toothpaste wouldn’t be confiscated and sold at some local flea market. Cause I hate when that happens.

On their site, several handy charts let you know exactly what is and is not permissible on board. Let’s first look at Sharp Objects:

Who is taking swords, sabers, ice axes or meat cleavers on an airplane? Seriously. “Let’s see, I’ve got my cell phone, wallet, iPod, and meat cleaver. I’m ready to go.”

Sporting goods was interesting – I had a mild chuckle over cricket bats – until I got to the bottom.

Spear guns? Really? Spear guns? “Excuse me, stewardess? Can I change seats? I’m seated next to a gentleman wearing a dive mask, snorkel and flippers…and he’s holding a spear gun.” I suppose you could hijack a plane with a spear gun…if it’s being flown by a stingray.

And the most amusing, by far, is martial arts.

No nunchakus? No black jacks? No throwing stars? Who carries throwing stars with them? Who in modern society feels the need to carry razor sharp wafers of metal in case of attack from by ninjas? I think there’s a better chance of being accosted by pirates. Where did my saber go?


4 responses to “I Can’t Fly Without My Nunchukas

  1. no matter what, I always bring my sausage wallet.

  2. You know what they say…don’t leave home without it.

    And thanks, that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

  3. They don’t let you into the Colbert Report with “numbchucks” either. Also, “all metallic items must be presented upon entry.” Next time I am bringing a Metallica cd & testing them.

  4. Married with Children

    Polo mallets allowed, but only in first class

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