Boom Chicka Wah-Wah

Yesterday, leaving the office, I heard the unmistakable sound of a large explosion echoing through downtown. Way too loud to be a transformer blowing up, and too orderly to be a crane falling out of the sky, this explosion was a true bomb. WTF was going on?

Turns out that the metal processing plant south of the city had an unexpected explosion on Tuesday morning. Apparently a large mortar round was mixed into the metal in the compactor, and it did what ordnance does when compacted with metal: it goes boom. So the army munitions experts were called in to extract the remaining ordnance and detonate it. It’s been going on for three days now. What I heard might have been a 90mm anti-tank mortar.

The real question, however, is who the hell is throwing out a large quantity of mortar rounds? And why can’t they put that shit on Craigslist like everyone else?


2 responses to “Boom Chicka Wah-Wah

  1. maybe they could send it to iraq to cut the costs… oh wait, that would mess with the haliburton contract.

  2. Don’t talk like that. You’ll end up an a govt list.

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