La Langosta Blanca

The awesome “New Shelton wet/dry” pointed me towards yet another find: a coastal Nicaraguan city whose main industry is fishing bales of cocaine out of the ocean. Colombian traffickers dump the yeyo into the ocean when being pursued, then the currents do the rest. Staggering economics:

“Every week, sometimes every day, 35kg sacks of cocaine drift in from the sea.”

“At a local price of $3500 per kg, the typical 35kg sack nets a cash sale price of $122,500, which by all accounts is spent immediately.”

“‘Last time bags and bags washed up, everyone [felt like] a millionaire, but that money does not last.’ explains Helen, who runs a university research institute in Bluefields. Asked how the locals unload their cash, she said: ‘Beer, beer, beer. You should see the amount they drink here. Go to the pier and see how much alcohol goes out to the islands.'”

“People here now go beachcombing for miles, they walk until they find packets. Even the lobster fisherman now go out with the pretence of fishing but really they are looking for la langosta blanca – the white lobster.”

{NZH – Catch of the Day: Cocaine}


2 responses to “La Langosta Blanca

  1. Want to plan a trip to Nicaragua? I know where it is. We could drive down there & fly home first class… or in a prison plane. Do they make prison planes?

  2. Sure, but not until Spring Break is over. Friggin’ kids. Sigh.

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