Tumblr is pretty freakin’ nifty.

The other Penis in a Rowboat.


One response to “Tumblr is pretty freakin’ nifty.

  1. I love Twitter and Tumblr. I also tried out Pownce recently but I am not a big fan of the templates. They are just way too over crowded for me.

    I post non-stop at chvnx.com since I switched to Tumblr. It’s so easy to use and it serves my needs perfectly. I don’t have a niche and posting random junk using Tumblr works so smoothly.

    Although Twitter and Pownce are similar (both are social presence sites) I find that Tumblr is different all together. It offers so much more all while seeming so much simpler. I recently read on some random blog that Tumblr was probably going to receive the same ammount of attention in 2008 that Twitter got in 2007.

    Only time will tell!

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