Fool For The City

handjob trainingMy apologies for the dearth of postings these last 10 days or so. Work has been stupid busy and I’m putting in some really long days. Editing is fun.

I’m plugging away at the project and listening to whatever comes up on my iTunes. I’ve got a pair of AKG K240 studio headphones (which, if you are in the know, are badass). And Foghat’s Fool For The City just came on. It came from a cd of Hard Rock Cafe Party Rock Classics that was imported to this machine before it became mine. And there’s no way I’m deleting musical gold such as Foghat.

Also, my post about the fourth best handjob has pretty much ruled my traffic stats for the last month. Multiple searches per day, all a variation of handjob. Handjob, handjob, handjob, handjob, handjob, handjob. That should bring me scores of new readers.


3 responses to “Fool For The City

  1. Warning: this might get you kicked off wordpress.

    If you’re looking to get even more traffic and you don’t care where it comes from just put every porn expression you know into your post and picture alt text. Also name all your images with porn words.

    I get about a quarter of the traffic (between 500 to 600 hits a day) to my blog from people looking for images of punks. I know this because I use google analytics.

    When I look at the stats that are produced by google analytics, I can see that about 99% of the people looking for the punk image, just download the image via google images rather than visit my blog.

    I used to have a picture that I’d titled “tattoo” (I’ve since changed the name of the image file) and it attracted so many leeches that I had to upgrade my bandwidth as it was going through the roof with about 1600 hits a day. Judging by the trend shown by the angle of the stats graph traffic to that image was going to increase exponentionally.

    So what I’m trying to say is that in my opinion, it’s better to get people that are interested in the blog rather than people just looking to leech images or in your case download what they thought was some porn.

  2. No thanks! Not the kind of traffic I’m looking for.

    And why are that many people looking for photos of punks? Are the stock photographers under-serving the punk market?

  3. “And why are that many people looking for photos of punks?”

    Beats the hell out of me.

    Maybe they’re looking for a role model to style themselves on.

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