answer: 2/4

question: How many police cars / officers did it take to pull over one middle aged motorist* on MLK Parkway* the other day?

*The motorist was black (insert surprise here).

*MLK Parkway is a relatively new street going through a rather good neighborhood.


3 responses to “answer: 2/4

  1. 2 cars, 4 officers? Chris Rock says MLK Blvd is always the worst crime area. It could have been 77 police cars, SWAT teams, & helicopters like the story I forwarded you last year. I guess NJ cops have more free time =)

  2. My friend and I were pulled over in Huston Texas and the cop called for back up because I asked him why he pulled us over.

    Four more cop cars turned up with about 6 more police and we were carted off to jail over night for having one headlight out……… and long hair.

    I hate to think what would’ve happened if we were black.

  3. THAT, Mr. Pee Wee haircut head, is the result of BLACK ON WHITE crime! Read my blog :)

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