A One-Eyed Invader in the Bedroom

I hope Tara Parker-Pope at the NYT is enjoying herself this morning. Not sure how this title makes it past the editors for an article about children, but at least it’s an interesting piece.

“By some estimates, half of American children have a television in their bedroom; one study of third graders put the number at 70 percent.”

“Children with bedroom TVs score lower on school tests and are more likely to have sleep problems. Having a television in the bedroom is strongly associated with being overweight and a higher risk for smoking.”

{Read More – NYT}


3 responses to “A One-Eyed Invader in the Bedroom

  1. It is also closely associated with excessive masturbation and personality disorders. I had a TV in my room as a kid and it jacked me up real bad.

  2. I also messes with your sex life as an adult.

    “leave me alone, I’m watching the show!”

  3. That’s why I’m a fat smoker…. Dammit. At least I did well on those standardized tests. Those scores took me very far =)

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