Hate, 2.0

Surprised to see this after a google blog search on Eve Carson. I left my two bits. I encourage you to do the same.

Racist uses Eve Carson as bullshit, racist, hate-mongering fodder.


21 responses to “Hate, 2.0

  1. Hey, Dickweeds. INCOG MAN here. Yes, please do stop by my blog for some in-your-face truth. Maybe it might just wake up a few of you. But maybe not. I see your too busy playing with yourselves.

  2. I guess your wife is a self-hating white liberal, too, eh:

    She has a sizable trust fund established by her father after he showed her his penis in a rowboat.

    Funny how white girls with father problems are often the white hating race traitors. I guess she’s happy to find a spineless worm, with a Peewee Herman hairdo, to join her in hating other white people who stick up for their race.


  3. INCOG! I guess you haven’t seen too many movies since Birth of a Nation, so I don’t expect you to get the joke.

  4. I had a quick look at his crap and I quickly came to the conclusion that life is too short too waste staring into a tank of sewerage like his blog.

    As you can see, he is the blog equivalent of a troll on a news group. Trolling and stirring up people to cause conflict is the oxygen that a troll needs to breathe.

    Keep in mind that it’s impossible to win an argument with a moron. It’s not like his scalp is worth anything, anyway.

  5. All good points, Razz. Nothing to be won in this war.

    And I’m highly susceptible to distraction right now as I work on this script edit. Another 1.5 hours til I go home…

  6. I had a quick look at his crap and I quickly came to the conclusion that life is too short too waste staring into a tank of sewerage like his blog.

    Right you there Razzbuffnik. You just go sitting on sucking down the government propaganda and budweisers while this country is turned into a third-world shithole and pat yourself on your spineless back on what nice guy you think you are.
    I sure hope you don’t have a daughter, or hell, even a son having to live in the world that surely beckons. Your kids will one day spit on your grave for what you left them to live in or allowing the parasites to go unchecked.


  7. INCOG! I guess you haven’t seen too many movies since Birth of a Nation, so I don’t expect you to get the joke.

    No, I haven’t the faintest idea of what dam movie you are alluding to and could frigging care less. Anyone who calls their blog this and says that his wife did that, and somehow expects everyone to be in on his little intellectual hoo-ha, needs to come down off his pedastal and look around for a change.

    I asked you to read just a few of my posts at my site, to illuminate just what I’m talking about and where I am coming from, but you went and stuck your head back in the sand.

    Read my post “I’m Sick of the Hitler Schtick” to see what I’m saying. It’ll take you all of 4 minutes of your precious intellectual attention.

  8. Slow your vitriol.

    Check the time stamps on these comments vs the ones on your post. I replied immediately after you mentioned my wife (3:06). It was nearly 4:00 when you suggested I read some of your posts (on your post). I never “stuck my head back in the sand”.

    I never said nor implied that that quote had anything to do with my wife.

    And I don’t expect many people to know what the title alludes to. It made me laugh, so it became the title. My comment was taken as an opportunity to deliver a barb – childish on my part (but funny).

  9. As I recall, my comments about your avatar were considered childish, too. Forget all that. Just look at some of my blog and really think about it.
    I should hope the current sit with this country should warrant at least that much. Tell your buddy razzbuff “NIK” the same. Make note that Jews love that “NIK” appelation and yes, I am doing the Jew thing again, since these same Jews will use the racist BS all the time to cover their sorry butts in screwing up this country.

  10. How did I miss all of the fun? “Birth of a Nation” was actually the first thing I thought of when I read incogman’s article. He should watch “Bamboozled.”

  11. Those who are late do not get a fruit cup.

  12. I can’t stand those fruits, too!

    All those Pillow-Biters, white or black, are sliming up the country. They want you to be disgusted — it gets them off.

    By the way, MT, I and others have replied to you. Is your mind still closed to the real deal going on in this country? Will you keep your head in the sand?


  13. That’s shocking. I’m just flabbergasted. First the jews, then the blacks, now the gays? I’m amazed. Agape. Aghast.

    I’m drafting my reply. Have no worries. I do have this job to maintain as well…

  14. Oh, just because the Jews have been forcing down our throats that Gays as a “alternative lifestyle” we have to go along with it? The next thing they have is “Transgender” and that’ll mean never being quite sure what sex anyone is, anywhere.
    The Jews have been screwing with the Goyim countries in any way, shape or form. Just like everything else. It’s all a part of “Tikkun Olam.”
    See my section “Homos and Sickos.” Just don’t if you have a full stomach!

  15. I’ll have a look at it. I’m quite curious how homosexuality can be reduced to a Jewish conspiracy.

    There must be a bunch of other problems caused by the sinister cabal: gas prices, Netflix shipping slower than they used to, liquids freezing in the top half of my fridge…

    Yes, Incog, I’m having a laugh. Don’t go all crusty SOB on me. I just don’t see how your diabolical Jewish league can fool 5-10% of the population into being homosexual.

  16. Go to the last 1/4 th of this article and read the quoted copy. Go to the link.

    The Orthodox Jews believe that by destroying the control of the Gentile nations they can bring about the appearance of the Messiah.

    Many other Jews are just big mouth liberals who believe in something called “Tikkun Olam.” I have another post detailing this Supremacist ideology.

    It’s shocking, I know.

    Many Jews have a secret contempt for us Goyim and that plays into all of it.

  17. I had a look…and I honestly can’t put together a response right now. I’m sick, trapped in a hotel overrun by pre-teens howling at the indoor pool outside my door, and I just don’t have the strength to care. The world can go fuck itself for tonight.

  18. Married with Children

    I am amazed that someone with the capacity to complete a sentence is so ignorant.

  19. Check out the link in the post to see a lengthy discussion between myself, Incog, and some of his guests.

  20. I am amazed that someone with the capacity to complete a sentence is so ignorant.

    I’m constantly shocked that whites can have so little common sense, anymore. Look at the facts: Negroes are the most crime and disease ridden race in the country, bar none. Your little liberal tripe about me being ignorant is just that. Tripe. The facts back me up — not you. Wallow in your ignorance all you want.

  21. OK, All You Nautical Penis Heads!

    I’ve written a piece that states my position quite clearly and may be a surprise to you. At least take the time to read some of it before you burn me at the stake!

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