“Why on the earth are you there, when you’re everywhere, come and get your share.”

These are the posts I like to see, especially on days where I need the extra kick in the goods to keep my fingers moving and words spewing:

“The winner of the 2008 Presidential race will NOT decide the fate of America.

Why my friends, this country, is in our hands. I think this current plague, epidemic, whatever Headline leading word that can describe it, is one of apathy and complacency. We feel that if we support someone enough, they will get it done for us.

Does anything motivate us anymore? Do any of us have dreams or desires that really matter any more?”

{read the full post by David Adewumi}

I was also struck by the gleeful zest for life displayed by Eve Carson, the beloved UNC student who has regrettably made the news of late:

“She wasn’t always in the stands. Sometimes, she was on the field. She was the captain of her intramural flag football team, which was named–you’re not going to believe this–Team Friendship. Last year, they won the school and regional championship. Mostly, she played receiver, but she also had a favorite postgame activity.

When the game was over and players–friends–would start to scatter, Eve would start yelling.

“Wait a minute, come back here!” she’d say. She’d gather everyone in a circle and then she’d say something they all remember, every single one of them.

“Think about this moment,” she’d say. “This day and this moment, this is the best day of our lives right now.””

{read the full article in Tar Heel Blue}

{lyric – Instant Karma by John Lennon}


One response to ““Why on the earth are you there, when you’re everywhere, come and get your share.”

  1. They’re right. I can’t believe it was called Team Friendship! Who would be on a sports team with friends? Preposterous.

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