Chlamydia Is Not A Flower

Twenty five percent of American teenage girls have an STI. Perhaps this will deter the pedophiles. Okay, sorry, just kidding. (It won’t).

Will this finally inspire the brain trust in the moral majority to admit the abstinence play isn’t working? Teenagers are sexual beings. Accept it. They will listen to your spiel, sign their pledge form, wear the ring from the parents – and still explore their natural urges. As mentioned on the BBC Newshour this morning, abstinence programs are intended as moral education, saving souls instead of protecting the real health of these kids.

Rather than fight uselessly against an inevitable, forgone conclusion, why not provide these kids with some real education; maybe you can actually save their life instead of their soul.

Once again, look to the Europeans for a realistic model of how this is working. They accept the reality of what teenagers will do, and provide them will comprehensive, ongoing sexual education. The result? Less risky behavior, far fewer infection rates, and better adjusted teenagers.

And my advice to the teenage guys? Wrap your shit up.

“The president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Cecile Richards, said the new findings “emphasize the need for real comprehensive sex education.”

“The national policy of promoting abstinence-only programs is a $1.5 billion failure,” Ms. Richards said, “and teenage girls are paying the real price.””

{read the NYT article: Sex Infections Found in Quarter of Teenage Girls}


9 responses to “Chlamydia Is Not A Flower

  1. Yes, but the new Pope just made using birth control a sin. Contributing to the gap between the rich & poor is also a sin, as is stem cell research. Be sure to check out all of the new sins so you kow what you must confess to next time you are in a dark room with a priest & he has his pants on. Oddly enough, I read the article about the teens with STD’s & the Pope article back to back.

  2. When am I ever around a priest wearing pants? I mean, c’mon.

  3. The figures are all screwed up by black teenage girls at over 30%. White girls are less than 15%.

    Half of all blacks have some kind of STD’s or AIDS. 56% of Black chicks have Herpes III. AIDS is the leading cause of death for black men 18 to 44 (closely followed by murder).
    ABC News did a report on the 24% STD subject and showed nothing but white teenagers in the piece. Wonder why, eh? Manipulated? This country has no idea.

    See my post “What You Don’t Know WILL Make You Retch” for links. Should you dare.

    Oh yeah, by the way, some guy replied to your comment with a nice compliment, too, on my blog.

  4. Nearly half of all black females 14 to 19 have a STD:

    This is where the stats for white girls get pulled upwards alongside the filthy Negro population. Face it: Negroes ARE a nasty race.

  5. Married with Children

    For a dose of incredible stupidity, I offer the “authors” of the following website

    These idiots actually opposed anything but abstinence education.

  6. Very progressive bunch over there. I do like their tagline:
    Abstinence, Guaranteed to Protect Against AIDS!

    I would amend it with:
    Drinking the Blood of Unicorns! Also Guaranteed to Protect Against AIDS!

    Since you have an equally likely chance of drinking unicorn blood as you do keeping teenagers abstinent, why not give them a fighting chance and tell them what a condom is. And I don’t think AIDS is the scary one – tell them about HPV and genital warts…something far more prevalent.

  7. Tell them to stay away from Negroes. Not only are they chimp-like but ridden with vile microbes and viruses.

  8. Wow, incogman…. Wow.

  9. Yeah, I agree. Disgusting, huh? You should read my post on Black Perverts in “What You Don’t Know WILL Make You Retch” over at my site. It’ll make you puke about blacks and what they do to get off. Also, the degree of infected blacks out there. Reading that will make you say “Wow” alright.

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