Commercials I’ve Seen Today

Two things have really stuck out: McDonald’s and Botox.  First, clown burger.McDonald’s newest commercial features two guys sipping coffee beverages in a coffee house while reading coffee books.  Okay, maybe they weren’t coffee books, but they were intended to look “artsy” and “elitist”.  When one tells the other that McD’s sells cappuccinos, the other is elated because he can stop pretending to be the elitist artist douchebag.  You’ve probably seen it.  Several things caught my attention.  First, they imply that people who visit coffee shops are insecure guys who really want to “sit, and watch football”.  It’s stereotyping at its worst.  You’re either a hipster shit or blue collar football player.  No middle ground.  Second, McDonald’s is instantly insulting, and possibly alienating a large quantity of cappuccino drinkers – who happen to be the exact people they need to buy this product.  WTF?  Is making fun of hipsters going to drive all the Coke drinkers to try the McCino?  Hell no.  Then again, most people are such blind sheep to advertising that they won’t even notice, and they’ll consolidate trips for McNuggets and a coffee before piloting the Suburban over to Dylan’s Tae Kwon Do practice. So maybe McDonald’s will inadvertently reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The other commercial I noticed was for Botox.  The theme song, and I’m not joking, is “Express Yourself” by Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band.  Does anyone else find it ironic that they suggest you express yourself by paralyzing your face and dramatically reducing your expressions?  Perhaps it’s pre-operative instructions: “show your emotion now because you’ll be strangely stoic when walking out of the office to your Lexus RX330.For the record, I’m too young for Botox and I don’t drink coffee.  But I am an elitist artist douchebag. 


One response to “Commercials I’ve Seen Today

  1. I can’t wait to see those commercials.

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