It can’t be crack.

I’m home today while a new system is installed at the house. It’s not the worst thing to happen but I am burning a half day of vacation for this. As I try to write, I can’t help but be distracted by the technician’s ongoing telephone conversation:

“What’s she on? Cocaine? It can’t be crack cause Tracy don’t even smoke. What’s she on? What?! Tracy!?”

As much as I feel for Tracy, I would like the electrical work to be done properly. Perhaps I should be more assertive and insist that he reschedule Tracy’s intervention for another time.


One response to “It can’t be crack.

  1. Before one of my root canals, the dentist walked in still shouting at his receptionist to call the phone company and threaten to cancel if…. An angry dentist & a root canal…. I would have been more comfortable if he had been talking about crack.

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