My brain is getting the best of me.

Another weird dream last night.  I’ll spare you the litany of details which may or may not be relevant.  The essence of the situation is that I was held hostage, with about 20 other people, in some sort of building on a golf course/waterpark.  You know, one of them fancy places with a nice back nine and a couple water slides.  They’re everywhere.

Anyways, I’m part of this group of hostages, but I keep talking to the hostage taker – he’s about my age and he’s pretty cool.  Perhaps I was talking to my doppleganger.  So he makes up a list of demands and hands it to me to read aloud.  All he wants is $200,000.  I take the list over to the police negotiators (no, I don’t know why they were in the building with us – it was a very relaxed hostage situation).  I tell them he wants $200,000, and then quickly follow it up with, “That seems totally reasonable to me.”


One response to “My brain is getting the best of me.

  1. Better than the other one. I can totally picture you saying that =)

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