Daily Harbinger of the Apocalypse – Kathie Lee

Haven’t you heard?  Kathie Lee Epstein Gifford is the new host of the Dead Zone fourth hour of the Today Show, otherwise known as the Vagina Power Hour.  Shopping, recipes, product alerts, and other trite nonsense will now be delivered via the sharp edged tongue of Regis’ evil twin.


4 responses to “Daily Harbinger of the Apocalypse – Kathie Lee

  1. It’s Kathy Lee Epstein JOHNSON Gifford and looking for her next victim when ole’ Frankie finally calls time out.

  2. And all this time I thought a Vagina Power Hour was some crazy drunk sex… go figure.

  3. Nope, 10-11 am, every day. Unless that’s when you get drunk and crazy…in which case both definitions would apply.

  4. Strange thing kelli Rippa has slowly over time lost her old self, and is slowly morphing into kathy lee, they now talk like one another and dress alike, (maybe joy is the original}its like the stepford wifes ,reggis wifes. He must get them there and scope out the old brain and fill it up with what??

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