Break open the piggy bank

Now I know what I’ve been saving my allowance for: to Rent Rodman. I don’t think life gets any better than being seen on a motorcycle with Dennis Rodman. From the site:

“Bad Boy Dennis Rodman helped Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen bring three NBA titles to the City of Chicago. And now Rodman wants to give more to his Chicago fans by bringing interaction in exclusive, one-on-one settings for low, low prices, available only at”

“Play H-O-R-S-E with Dennis Rodman the way hoops was intended – on the blacktop – for only $100. P-I-G games available for $70. Two personalized autographs and 10 minutes of unlimited photos in H-O-R-S-E pricing. One personalized autograph and 5 minutes of unlimited photos in P-I-G pricing.”

“Not since Scott Baio has there been a more in-demand man by starlets in Hollywood than Rodman. Dennis came from humble beginnings and struggled scoring chicks growing up, so he’s offering private, one-hour dating consultations to regular guys like you that will yield panty-dropping results for $125.”


One response to “Break open the piggy bank

  1. Really? I would so shoot hoops with him! It still doesn’t compare to the American Bingo night prize of riding motorcycles with Eric Estrada.

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