Chat with Conni – Mexican emo mariachi wake up Rick Astley

conni: mexican music riots. emo kids are getting beaten up in mexico by punks
3:53 PM me: i saw that
how weird
it would only be better if the emo kids were getting beat by mariachi bands
conni: while it is a horrible reason for a beat down, i find it interesting that their youth culture cares about something enough to fight for it
i love mariachi bands.
me: who doesn’t?
3:54 PM conni: when i have a lot of money, i want someone to surprise me with a mariachi wake up call
me: you don’t need a lot of money for that
i think you just need a mariachi band
conni: Well, someone has to surprise me with it.
me: i could surprise you with a Rick Astley wake up call
conni: you know him?
3:55 PM me: no, but there’s a video of him floating around…

4 responses to “Chat with Conni – Mexican emo mariachi wake up Rick Astley

  1. It’s so easy to dislike spoilt kids who live in the first world and have it all whilst feeling sorry for themselves.

    All the mariachi bands I saw in Mexico were so jaded and flat. I’d like to see the whole mariachi thing updated by crossing them with punks and adding a bit of Dick Dale surf music.

    Thrash, punk marachi, it’s the next new thing, sort of like Agent Orange but Latin and you first heard about it here.


  2. breathlessmini

    Oooh, I’m glad I wasn’t typing as poorly as I usually do. =)

  3. Does Mexico count as first world now? I guess I still considered them to be division II.

  4. You’re a superstar. That’s what you are.

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