Are You Gonna Go My Way?

This is my dog.  She’s all of 40 pounds, and sweeter than pie when you’re in the house.  It also turns out that she’s one hell of a watch dog (when she’s awake).  If you park your car in front of the house, or walk within view of our back windows, she starts barking like all hell.  I appreciate this – nobody ever sneaks up on our house.

When she’s sleeping, however, you could land a Harrier jet in our living room and she’d be none the wiser.  Babies don’t sleep as good as she does.  It’s crazy.

Over the weekend, we discovered her distaste for one more thing: Lenny Kravitz.  We had the digital music channel on the TV while doing some work, and a Lenny Kravitz video came on.  She saw the picture of him on the screen and went apeshit.  Full out nuts.  She retreated behind the coffee table and kept barking for a solid minute until we turned the channel.

So, Lenny, you’re not welcome in my house.  Sorry.


4 responses to “Are You Gonna Go My Way?

  1. Haha! Hilarious..!

    I myself have the same problem with Eva Cassidy and her version of Stings song “Fields Of Gold” though, so could be it’s just a dogs thing..?

    Big bark from Norway!

  2. breathlessmini

    That’s awesome. She, David Cross & David Fagan have something in common =)

  3. breathlessmini

    about a minute 40 into it, he expresses vehemently his disdain for Lenny =)

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