This Is Work?

Holy-effing-shit. I knew my boss was putting in another lunch island which could double as a bar; I didn’t know, however, that he decided on a custom fabricated bar which will double as a lunch island. It’s ridiculous. I’ll bring my camera tomorrow and get some better pictures.

Here’s the stats on this thing:

  • 20 feet long, curved at both ends (kind of like a bracket “[” )
  • dark, solid wood
  • rounded top with an end cap
  • And this is hard to describe: behind the bar, against the wall, there is a matching cabinet 48″ high and 9′ wide. On each end goes a huge wooden pillar, each 54″ high. Then, balanced on the pillars, there is a 9′ wide, 50″ high carved wood arch with a cutout for the new 50″ 60″ flat screen being delivered at the end of the week. Put together, it’ll be 12′ high.

You have to see this to believe it. I wonder if we’ll stop making movies and just open to the public. This is NOT a recreational bar.


One response to “This Is Work?

  1. breathlessmini

    I hate to use those cute little acronyms but WTF?!?!!

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