Da Freakin’ Pope

me: if i look down on our celebrity culture, does that make me a hypocrite for wanting large scale validation of my talents?
Nick: yes
but thats ok
you are an artist, you are a tangled mass of mystery
me: i feel more like a tangle of anger and high fructose corn syrup
Nick: well that too
thats the recipe for an artist
1 part corn syrup
800 parts anger
3 parts genius
1 part crippling insecurities
.5 parts astronaut
me: could i substitute raging inferiority for the crippling insecurities?
me: perhaps i should go stand on a street in NYC for a week so i can get a passing glimpse of a german man wearing a funny hat in a plastic bubble. that will fix everything.
Nick: it couldnt hurt
I sometimes think of that duo I saw in LA
a midget with a cape on roller skates, pushing a clown in a wheelchair
me: you’ve seen my parents? it’s been so long…
Nick: a handsome couple


2 responses to “Da Freakin’ Pope

  1. breathlessmini

    I was so hoping you were going to let me know who is paying for that ridiculous Papal visit to Yankee Stadium.

  2. Either the yankees are going to lay off a couple japanese pitchers or the vatican will dip into their legal defense fund.

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