Your Church Punched My Church Right In The Nose. What Color Was The Blood?

I watched several movies over the weekend, from the somewhat underwhelming “Sweeney Todd” to the pensive “Darjeeling Limited”.  And one good documentary.

“For The Bible Tells Me So” addressed the fallacy of the religious to use the bible as a tool to oppress the homosexual population.  The film might have better if it followed fewer subjects (it tells too many stories at once) but it covered its topic well.  It also helps that I firmly disagree with most of the “rules” in the book written by men – men who were writing about their times and their desires.  I just don’t understand who people can cling to an old book as the truth of the universe rather than think for themselves.  Fear, I suppose.  It’s sad.

In other news, Schwarzenegger says he would now oppose a ban on gay marriage.  Welcome to the thinking world, Arnold.


17 responses to “Your Church Punched My Church Right In The Nose. What Color Was The Blood?

  1. “Schwarzenegger says he would now oppose a ban on gay marriage”

    Maybe there’s a decent person inside that condom stuffed with walnuts, just trying to come out…oh… no…no, I mean get out.

  2. Condom stuffed with walnuts? It it lunch time already down there?

  3. Have you ever read the bible the whole thing? I wont baddger you because every one can have their opinion. The” rules “in the bible are to protect people from plages ect, they are not ment to hurt people, no one is perfect thats why jesus came…

  4. Tricia,
    I’ve read about 60%, though that is a rough estimate, and it was never in order…just certain books for a class or curiosity.

    It was a book written by man, for man, and you’re right…it was a book of rules. “Don’t eat shellfish” was obviously a good rule to follow if you didn’t want to get sick. There are many positive points about how to live a decent life, which I appreciate, but I don’t think Jonah was literally in a whale. Most of these stories were parables to get a certain moral across.

    The problem I have now is those who preach a strict interpretation of the bible. There are many who twist the words to fit whatever issue they’re fighting for, and that’s just wrong.

    No one is perfect, certainly not me. But I do respect everyone’s right to believe in whatever god they choose. I’ve been thinking about this for many years and I just don’t believe in Christianity (or Judaism, Islam, etc.).

    As I said on Dr. Geoffrey’s blog, I believe we are immensely powerful beings, powerful beyond what we can comprehend, and the idea of god was created by us to account for what is beyond our measure.

    I’m not some militant atheist either. I believe in living in harmony with each other and with nature. I’m not living in the woods eating bugs – I drive a car, own a house, play with my dogs, and go to my job – I’m pretty normal in most regards. I attend church events with family members when it’s related to volunteering or charity work. I draw the line at involving myself with anything evangelical or fundamentalist – they’re free to believe what they want but I’m not going to spread it for them.

    A lot of people think I’m damned for not believing in a major religion. That’s silly. I’m a good person and I’m working hard to do good things while I’m on this Earth.

    I do take issue with organized religions which exploit their members, such as the mega-fundraising churches common in the southeast and texas. They are using people’s faith as a way to extort money, and using that money to live a life of obscene luxury. Something isn’t right with that idea, and I think true christians would agree.

    Sorry for this being so long…it’s a topic I ponder quite often.

  5. once or if you have children i think you might change your mind, everything has a maker, who made your car? and we ,in the start were a nation under god, thats why we did so well, i know you wont change your mind, but no one is a good person all are sinners,thats why jesus came, islams came from a storie in the bible abraham and sarahs slaves baby moral of the storie was wait for god dont try to do things yourself(like have sex with a slave), and the reason why there were so many rules were like they had no fridges back then, it was to protect them from sickness like you said. shortly after jesus came the world developed a better way to store food and they did not need all the rules to protect them. It just makes sence. but free will its a powerfull thing, we think we are so smart yet we all really know so little, we cannot add one day to our life. i really think your a talented writer and i enjoy your blog. i know i wont change my mind and you wont change yours, so thats ok!Are your parents of faith?

  6. I wanted to add one thing then ill shut up. Religion and Jesus are not the same thing, religion is rules, Jesus is freedom to be free and you want to try and do better. Have you ever stolen or lied? so does that make you a thief and a lier?

  7. That has been mentioned to me before, about having children changing my belief structure. Time will tell.

    Everything I see was made of the earth, including me. Even that is misleading, as the earth is a big bundle of elements hurtling through space. Man has manipulated the elements on earth to create (unfortunately) most of what is around us. But it all breaks down to carbon.

    You’re right, you won’t change my mind, and I won’t change yours…and that’s perfectly acceptable.

    I guess we’re all sinners, but not because of original sin (total crap), but because we’re human, and humans have human emotions…like jealousy, anger, envy, sloth, and even gluttony. Nobody is perfect, but the rules of that game make it impossible to win. That is one thing I don’t like about religion: it’s always a message of “you’ve failed, you’re a sinner, but you can do better if you accept this / do that / write a check for ___ .

    I have to ask, are you saying Muslim people came from Abraham having sex with a slave? I’ve never heard that.

    Again, I agree, we know very little of the world around us.

    Thank you for the compliments, and I’m glad you come by to read my randomness.

    My mother was raised catholic but disliked the hypocrisy and lies. My father was a fairly religious episcopalian, but he lost the faith (or the desire to attend church) after his father died in an accident. They took me to church several times and asked if I wanted to go back. I said no, I didn’t like the “there is one answer” mentality. I was about seven at the time.

    Yes, I’ve lied and I’ve stolen, sometimes I lied about the things I stole (they tend to run together). I wasn’t the best teenager, though I never got caught. It does make me a liar/thief in the most literal sense, but I don’t characterize myself that way because nobody is perfect and I’ve put far more good back into the world since.

    It’s all about balance – I want to die having given more than I took. I think that’s a respectable goal.

  8. The Muslims claim to be the seed of Abraham and Ishmael, the slave girl, it is explained in the bible that the children of abraham and the slave would cause much hurt. I know what you are saying about the money thing and church in the bible jesus got upset with that also, and he overturned the sales tables at the church.

  9. Im sorry about your dad!

  10. trica said
    “we think we are so smart yet we all really know so little,”

    Speak for yourself.

    According to the bible, weren’t we made in the image of god? Therefore we should have godlike reason. If our reason is godlike, why do religious people ask us to forego using reason?

    For instance, when Cain killed Able and was expelled from the garden of Eden he went on to somehow begat many offspring. Now if there was only one woman at that time, who did Cain “know” if not his own mother? Does the bible suggest that incest is O.K?

    I could go on and on with this sort of thing and I’m sure you could cherry pick your way through the various parts of the bible that you choose to listen to, that suits your world view.

    My point is, that the bible is indefensible on a literal level due to it’s inconsistencies, contradictions and spurious logic.

    I’m certain that the truth is that, man created god in his own image.

    The old testament was just a tribal history that tried to justify much bad behaviour by a tribe that claimed they were the chosen people of god.

    The new testament is just a record of a preacher who got killed for rubbing the authorities at the time, the wrong way.

    If you read Josephus (a Jewish historian around the time of Jesus) you will see that it was common at that time for many people wandering the countryside to claim they had been sent by god to spread the word.

    The whole virgin birth and holy trinity thing is just so convoluted and ridiculous that with my so called god-like powers of reason I can’t help but dismiss it all as a half-baked fiction.

    If Jesus is the messiah, then how come there is still no peace on earth as was foretold? 2000 years after his death.

  11. “Condom stuffed with walnuts? It it lunch time already down there?”

    I was quoting Clive James.

  12. @razz – “If you read Josephus (a Jewish historian around the time of Jesus) you will see that it was common at that time for many people wandering the countryside to claim they had been sent by god to spread the word.”

    Doesn’t that happen now?

    I feel bad for the Mormons – they follow a religion based on the fabrications of a second rate con-man. The story of Joseph Smith is just amazing…

  13. “I feel bad for the Mormons – they follow a religion based on the fabrications of a second rate con-man. The story of Joseph Smith is just amazing…”

    It really beggars belief. I think it should be treated like an intelligence test instead of a religion.

    If you believe Smith then it’s obvious that you come from the shallow end of the gene pool and should be neutered for the sake of humanity.

    I mean really, who put the extra “m” in Mormon?

    If you want completely, nuts check out the scientologists.

    We’re inhabited by aliens?………. I don’t think so.

    Have you seen the Richard Dawkins lecture? You may want to check it out.

    Part 1

    and for a real laugh check out the Q&A afterwards as he deals with muppets in the audience.

    Part 2

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  15. Ok , but still jesus did manage to make a huge impact on the world, in the days with no tv, b.c.means before christ or jesus a.c. after he died (anti-jesus people are trying to change that) the world revolves around this one man, i mean without the holy spirits help one man could not do all he did to impact the world, for myself im not talking about all the crazy religions im talking about forgivness, why bother trying to be a good person if its all a bunch of matter, (who made carbon)and after we die and the earth passes we are gone?Why do we want to do what is right? It feels good! Because we were made in gods image. And i admit im dumb, but razz, we all still know very little in the scope of things.

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  17. breathlessmini

    I think tricia is wrong about bc & ac…. Wait… ac? ad? anno domini… year of our lord… by the bc/ac standard 34? years would be missing.

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