See, I was right.

Remember when I said the debut album by She & Him was really, really good? Of course you do. And now the New York Times talks about Zooey’s actor/singer talents:

“Though she was raised and lives amid celebrity in Los Angeles and has appeared in both hugely popular films (“Elf,” in which she briefly sang) and critical and cult favorites (“Almost Famous,” “All the Real Girls”), it’s easy to imagine her puttering around a cozily decorated Williamsburg loft. She takes home doggie bags, prefers tights to spray-tans and uses David Bowie’s “Changes” as her ring tone. She knits and crochets and makes brownies and gingerbread because, she said, “I like the way people react when you bake, which is, like, just pure childlike joy.”

She has some of that too — an almost hand-clapping glee — when she talks about She & Him. The music has drawn comparisons to 1970s AM radio staples like Carly Simon and Linda Ronstadt. It is unironically, unapologetically pleasant; feel-good nostalgia in the best sense. “It sort of defied some of the preconceptions and prejudices I would’ve had about an actor rock album,” said Amrit Singh, the executive editor of the music blog He compared it favorably to another buzzy actress-and-indie collaboration, Scarlett Johansson’s forthcoming album of Tom Waits covers, produced by TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek. Mr. Ward and Ms. Deschanel “seemed like a good stylistic fit,” he said.

She & Him’s album has sold about 26,000 copies so far, according to Nielsen SoundScan, outpacing the debut of the duo’s labelmate Arcade Fire, said Mac McCaughan, a founder of Merge and the singer for the band Superchunk.”

{NYT – On a New Album, Not Merely Acting Like a Singer}


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