Web Too Much Dot oh

If I communicate with friends via email, IM, blogs, and Twitter, why would I ever want to see them in person again? There is nothing they can tell me which I haven’t already read about.


7 responses to “Web Too Much Dot oh

  1. “The need to belong is strong in the weak”.


  2. and you know what’s weird? When a friend says “yeah, I read on your blog” I get sort of heated and want to yell at them to comment in the blog. something horrible is happening to me.

  3. Comments from friends are like comments from your mother. They don’t really count.

    When are you going to fill out your blog profile so your name links back to your blog?

    So then strangers can comment on your blog. Strangers count…….. really

  4. @smack – yeah, comments are blogger validation. I still get a little excited when I see them in the inbox.

  5. I only get excited when they’re yours because I know they’re fuckign aeaaifdaid

    I’m drunk

  6. “aeaaifdaid”? Really? You mean it? I’m flattered.

  7. breathlessmini

    What is twitter? Hmmm… Maybe I shouldn’t post that. They’ll take away that cute little “Already hip?” when I log on.

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