Puppy, day 4

What have I done? I’m bleary eyed. I’m yawning. I’m losing to an 8lb ball of cute and soft and furry.

Winnie is not housetrained. She goes when she wants, where she wants. This is making me appreciate (again) what a wonder-puppy Jersey was. Jersey peed in the kitchen within the first hour, but that was it. She quickly learned to paw at the back door when she needed to go…or wanted another treat for going out to do her business. For a while she would go out once an hour, squat down, squirt a drop, then run back in expecting her reward. That stopped, and now she’s the best dog ever.

The puppy is far more willful and less treat-oriented than Jersey was. She will be far more challenging…in every way. She woke up at 3:30am with the goal of playing. This did not please me. I took her out (she pooped) and then spent another 30 minutes holding her, trying to calm her back to sleep. Not sure if it worked – I fell asleep first.


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