More Movie Fun

King of Kong – documentary – Hell yes you should watch this.  I strongly recommend this film to everyone; it’s about a lot more than video games.  I’m not surprised that the story is being adapted into a feature film as well.  The story is a classic good guy versus bad guy, david v goliath, etc, et al.  You’ll quickly get sucked into the world of arcade game records.  Very compelling.

Cocaine Cowboys – documentary – Good history of the rise of cocaine in Miami, especially how the trade pumped billions of dollars into the local economy.  Everything was kosher until one crazy lady started killing anyone and everyone who offended her, and the government was forced to step in and go after the traffickers.  Before the violence, everyone seemed happy with the situation.  Interesting side note – one of the main traffickers discussed taking boats loaded with coke through the Haulover Causeway, and he rented  an apartment in the Harbor House (which overlooked the causeway) to spot customs and DEA boats on patrol.  The Harbor House was where my wife and I lived back in 2000…great memories. Too bad they tore it down (which was also shown in the movie).  Not the best doc I’ve ever seen, but good, and it definitely had a special appeal for me.


8 responses to “More Movie Fun

  1. I’m waiting for King of Kong to come out on DVD so I can rent it (I hate going to cinemas, but that’s another rant for another time).

    It got very good reviews over here. It sounds like it’s got everthing that a compelling story should have.

  2. What kind of banana republic do you live in? It’s been out on DVD for at least a couple weeks. I bet Yahoo Serious can get a copy.

  3. “What kind of banana republic do you live in?”

    Ummm…… a big one?

    “I bet Yahoo Serious can get a copy”

    My, my, you are well imformed!

    I didn’t think anyone outside of Australia had even heard of that twee twink.

  4. Young Einstein was all the rage back in 88/89. That coincided with the American fascination with all things Australian: Paul Hogan, Koala Bears, Kangaroos (but not Wallabies).

  5. I hate marsupials

  6. I love marsupials! Especially with melted cheese on a toasted bun. Mmmmm, marsupials…

  7. I l ike them tatare ad fileted so I can see their workings internally.

  8. breathlessmini

    which one was the harbor house? They tore it down?

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