My Crap Factories


7 responses to “My Crap Factories

  1. what cute little pee pots!

  2. I wonder what they taste like.

  3. What my dogs taste like? Or their crap? Either way, very creepy.

  4. The dogs. In my travels I’ve been to a few countries where they eat dogs and I’ve always wondered how I’d react if I was offered some dog meat to eat.

    One part of me would be grossed out and the other part of me is curious as what dog would taste like and I know I’d probably give it a try.

    Which brings me to the question of why don’t we dogs in our culture?

  5. Please consider your dinner invitation formally retracted, unless I have time to escort my dogs to a safe-house beforehand.

    You get hungry enough, you’ll eat whatever you have to. Though in possible situations in which I’s get that hungry, I’d rather have my bigger pup with me for protection.

    We don’t eat dogs because they have personality. And we’re blessed with an abundance of food.

  6. “We don’t eat dogs because they have personality”

    Why am I reminded of the movie “Pulp Fiction”?

    Arnold the pig in Green Acres had personality ;-)

  7. breathlessmini

    More pictures of my nieces, PLEASE!!!!

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