Design of desire

My favorite part about Lowe’s is the proximity to the BMW dealership. I always crane my neck to see what’s in stock. On Saturday, I had to pull in.

There were three of the new M3’s. A white coupe, blue coupe, and a black convertible. The black beast was simply gorgeous (it better be with a $79k sticker) – a mash of metal, plastic and sex. Thirty-five hundred pounds of the first two, an ocean of the third. The lines and curves were so perfect, so elegant yet fearsome.

I drove away and instantly felt like a twat. Was I simply coveting a luxury good because that’s what I’m instructed to do? I don’t have an design on buying one (couldn’t possibly afford one), but it really gets my mind spinning.

If I look inside my head, do I simply admire the astounding design and performance, or do I desire this hunk of blazing fast metal to advertise to the world how successful and amazing I am? Can it be both? I don’t admire the drivers of these cars – they’re mostly dicks – but my eyes are trained to fixate on these amazing machines.

I grew up on cars, reading every Road & Track I could get my hands on and walking through the local dealerships to see the new models. The rise of the internet was simply another avenue for information on the newest cars. You could say that I’m extremely American in my auto-fixation. Ironically, my ideal transport, at present, would include a small scooter (90mpg) to get back and forth to work.

I’m not hell-bent on status symbol vehicles…but I’d love to have the fun they throw down through those massive rear wheels…


6 responses to “Design of desire

  1. When ever I find myself lusting after expensive such machines, I remind myself all machines wear out.

    One day that gleaming piece of metal that looks so beautiful and cost so much will be on the scrap heap.

  2. So, you are pretty much a shallow self-absorbed prick who doesn’t care about the environment. Better not bring that shit to Chapel Hill. Here we are shallow and self-absorbed, but we at least PRETEND to care about the environment.

  3. What on earth are you talking about?

  4. You’re right. I’m an awful person. I guess I should stop taking my honda to the carrboro farmer’s market.

    Wait. That BMW dealership is in CHAPEL HILL.

    (razz – finkenwalde and I live ten minutes apart – this is localized humor on his part.)

  5. Thanks for the translation. I knew I was missing the point.

  6. breathlessmini

    While I could care less about fancy clothes or other status-y things, I too have a soft spot for a shiny convertible. Last time I took Big Papi in for service I built a BMW on their computer. $110,609. Pretty good deal. I didn’t even include the racing package.

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