No Touching!

Amma gives hugs. Lots of ’em. What? You haven’t heard?

You must not be one of the 26 million people to be hugged by this Indian woman:

“For 30 years Indian spiritual leader Mata Amritanandamayi, to give her her real name, has been hugging people, leading some to give her a saintly nickname.

This really is as simple as it sounds.

Amma sits on a slightly elevated seat. Strangers come before her, kneeling, and she embraces each as though they were her own flesh and blood.

Time spent with Amma is free and she does not promote any particular faith, being for “all religions and none”. She is said to have doled out some 26 million hugs, or “darshan”, as the experience is known. Each is counted off with a clicker.”

I don’t have a problem with what she’s doing, but it kinda creeps me out. I could never touch that many strangers. I’m not a clean freak by any stretch, but I just can’t fathom the idea of touching that many people, day in, day out. This is all she does, she hugs people. Smelly people. Stinky people. Skin-condition people. Tuberculosis people. I’m getting a little queasy just thinking about it.


11 responses to “No Touching!

  1. It could be worse. She could be spreading HIV the old-fashioned way.

  2. Meningitis- that’s why you should not share drinks or food with friends! Always wash hands 50-60 times a day! I have a question for brooks or anyone who will help. I want to know how do i add a photo to my little box that looks like a quilt on the comment page?

  3. Southpoint Mall is accepting applications now to be Santa Claus come Christmas. Sounds like you would be perfect. And given the sensibilities of modern corporate retail, the Christmas stuff should be going up sometime next week.

  4. Sounds intoxicating. How much do they bourbon? Err, I mean, pay?

  5. Worth checking out:

    After all, there is more to life than being afraid of other people’s germs…

  6. I’m not afraid of other people’s germs, I just don’t feel the need to touch them all.

    If I wanted to rub up against strangers, I would have been a priest, or a scoutmaster.

  7. Aw c’mon. It’s for the greater good…and I’m sure she goes home at night and bathes in pure alcohol…

  8. Tricia

    “want to know how do i add a photo to my little box that looks like a quilt on the comment page?”

    Those little photos are known as “avatars”.

    Here’s a link that might help:

  9. Thanks for the info, im going out to my sisters cabin on flathead lake in the morning for a few weeks, and am not going to have internet there.I will miss this blog! As soon as i get home i will try to figure it out!

  10. breathlessmini

    Oh if you want a Santaland story, you must read David Sedaris’ tales. I would love to hug people all day but how does she pay the bills?

    More huggin’, less muggin’.

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