The kind you find in a secondhand store.

Two light leaks, double exposure. It’s a hot mess…yet I like it.


9 responses to “The kind you find in a secondhand store.

  1. I take it you are in the NJ-state area, eh?

  2. breathlessmini

    Where are youhavingthe pics developed? I love the used cars sign & the pic has overall a very retro feel. love it!

  3. Nope. I’ve in lived in NJ, but this was from Wilmington, NC.

    I develop at a local place – $4 per roll, then I scan the negatives myself. This roll came from 2003/04. It had been sitting in a box and we just found it the other day.

  4. my favourite pictures that i take are always the ones with weird light anomalies, possibly blurry, that i probably took when i was drunk… that a lot of people would look at and say ‘shitty photography!’ but for some reason it is artistic to me!

    not to say that your photo is shitty, cause it certainly isn’t!

  5. I’m such a left-brain tightwad, here I thought “two light leaks, double exposure” was referring to the used car you purchased from the Howell’s.

    And dammit if I didn’t have a cheesy Thurston and Lovey quip too…

  6. I like it. I had the same first reaction as blondie.

    and I am devoid of clever today due to my 2 light leaks

  7. How are you scanning your 6×7 film?

  8. Epson Perfection V500 scanner.

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