Alright, one more photo.

But that’s it for now…be patient.


10 responses to “Alright, one more photo.

  1. Is this a paid gig or a love job?

    If you make money out of this, what’s the name of your business?

    Penis in a tux?

  2. Ha! I’ve been looking for a name – how did I miss that? Thanks for the laugh.

    Paid gig. It would have needed a lot of love to make it worthwhile: 101 degrees (38c or 311k for you chemists), really humid, and all outdoors.

    I’ve done it once in a while to give photos to family/friends, but now I really want the extra income. So a photography website will be forthcoming. Let me see if Penis in a Tux is still available…

  3. “Paid gig. It would have needed a lot of love to make it worthwhile”

    Wedding photography has to be one of the most high stress jobs one can have.

    A friend of mine used to it and I hepled out on about 10 weddings.

    It can be so crazy. Neurotic mothers, drunken fathers and prima donna crazy bribes.

    Also there is the nightmare of equipment failure. Always take back-up gear.

  4. Yeah, this was for an ex-coworker who I was quite friendly with. I get to build the portfolio and they get a very reasonable price. It’s a tough job, no doubt.

    I had two lenses, but only one body, so I would have been hosed if it had gone down.

  5. farting on leather!!!! Farting on leather!!

  6. “I had two lenses, but only one body, so I would have been hosed if it had gone down”

    Either you’ve got balls the size of coconuts or a death wish.

    I take it that you do your shooting on medium format. If that’s the case, take a smaller format camera along as back up.

    It’s not really the size of the format that matters, it’s the eye behind the camera that matters.

  7. F.O.L. has existed for a while, but I’ve done nothing with it:

    Umm, perhaps both. I shot this event with a Canon 10D and Canon 24-70 2.8L lens. In a perfect world, I’d have another digital body with a Canon 70-200 2.8L IS on it.

    I have a Mamiya RB67 but it’s too heavy to lug around after a bride and groom. It’s fun to set up, but not very mobile.

    And you’re right – it’s not the gear, it’s the geek holding it.

  8. breathlessmini

    “Prima donna crazy bribes?” Please elaborate.

  9. Oooops!

    Spelling mistake.

    I was talking about those brides who turn into horrible bitches because “it’s MY special day”.

  10. I shot a bridezilla pregzilla the other day. Double whammy. She came to her wedding in her bridal flip-flops. White shiny plastic. Some days, I just can’t get paid enough…

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