Like a drifter I was born to walk alone

I love Fridays.  The day, not the chain restaurant.  And I like mid-week Fridays even more – those great days which cap off a short week before vacation.  Tomorrow I’m off to New York to visit the friends and family who still reside in the homeland.

Wife in a Rowboat is flying up to Long Island today for some business function, then flying over to Buffalo tomorrow night.  I get to pack the puppies in the backseat tomorrow and trek the 12 hours on my own.  I’m having one of those annoying battles in my head about which car to take.  The VW gets 33 mpg, rides really well, and has an iPod input.  The Honda gets 30mpg, rides well, and has no iPod input or mp3 cd capability.

Twelve hours is a long time to go without the use of my impeccably awesome music collection.  But we had bought the Honda specifically for long road trips, planning to pile miles onto it rather than the leased VW (which is already over its mileage).  So there is the car I should drive, and the car I want to drive.  Decisions, decisions…


3 responses to “Like a drifter I was born to walk alone

  1. How do you not like Friday’s? The wait staff has some kick ass unis, man…

    And drive the Honda. Listen to NPR. Learn something.

  2. Leave the dogs at a friend’s and hitch.

    I’m sure that’ll lead to some interesting stories for you to post.

  3. breathlessmini

    What’s a “unis” & do I have one? Friday’s has been on a downward slope for about five years now.
    The VW gets better mileage than the Honda? Wow.

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