Never a dull moment.

1800 miles later, I’m exhausted.  Lots of driving, lots of visiting with friends and family.  And I have things to say.

I’m thrilled to hear that Lawson, Ellington and Green are coming back for another year of UNC basketball.  I don’t know how I can possibly wait until October.  Unbelievable.  Now the big question is who will start: Ginyard, Green or Thompson?

Crazy as this sounds, the wife and I are bidding on a new house.  Totally unplanned.  We went to look at a house for Mother-In-Law-In-A-Rowboat, and found ourselves in a complete shithole.  The window sills are chewed away.  The floors alternate between bright blue and bright red.  The closets look like a dog was locked in at some point.  The bathrooms are ungodly filthy.  The carpet was scary.

But the place has sooooo much potential.  It has over a half acre, which is huge here, and great tree cover.  It’s structurally sound, and the major systems seem healthy at first glance (inspection pending).  It has the location, size and layout that we liked.  So we’re going to buy it, spend 40k fixing it up, and hopefully stay a long time.  We’ve renovated our current house to a state of comfort and quality that we hadn’t planned on leaving.  Not yet, at least.  We may have a major project on our hands.

I have much more to say.  Later.


5 responses to “Never a dull moment.

  1. Good luck.

    My wife and I are in the same position and have been looking for the last two years at houses.

    I just blows my mind how over half a million dollars buys buys so little here in Sydney.

    I always laugh when real estate agents ask me what we’re looking for in a house. I always answer, “everything and I want it for nothing, just like everyone else!”

  2. House is already under contract. Bollocks. Now do we hold to our original plan of waiting until next year, or keep looking? Grrr.

    I’ve heard that Sydney is a really expensive market. Hopefully you can find something that hasn’t been savaged by dogs and the seller isn’t insane. It’s usually one or the other.

  3. The starting five probably stays exactly the same – Lawson, Ellington, Ginyard, Thompson and Hansbrough. DG as the 6th man, and a healthy Bobby Frasor filling the Quentin Thomas role spelling Lawson. Throw Alex Stepheson and Will Graves into the mix, with all players a year older and wiser. And the freshman aren’t bad either – Tyler Zeller, Ed Davis and Larry Drew were all top 100 recruits. Looks good for the Heels.

  4. Stepheson is gone – transferred back to California to be with his family. Graves may not get a ton of playing time. Larry Drew and Bobby Frasor will have to share those backup pg minutes, though I assume Frasor will get the majority until Drew can bulk up and get used to the speed of ACC ball. Ed Davis looks good, not great, and Tyler Zeller is a huge question mark. He may be 6’11”, and a top recruit, but he looks awfully slight and the inevitable comparisons to Big Tyler could be his undoing.

    Still, tons of depth, even more talent, and next year is ours to lose. It’s going to be great.

  5. Awesome, congrats!

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