Home Alone: Lost Weekend Edition

Ahh, now I’m alone. It’s been a busy week and weekend, and now the wife in a rowboat is off to Florida for a big company meeting (“Everybody count off by 2’s. Good. Now, the 2’s are all invited to stay with the company. The 1’s will be escorted out by security at the end of this sentence.”). She’ll be back on Wednesday night. She left a big pan of ziti – cooking right now – which will serve as sustenance until her return.

How do I kill three days? I’m done with the wedding photos (some will be blogged soon). I’ve got four books from the library that I really should get around to reading. And there are a several (non-pornographic) movies I’ve been waiting to watch. We may be in love, but that doesn’t mean she loves the French New Wave as much as a hardcore film geek.

Tonight I watch baseball. I hate watching baseball. It’s about as exciting as golf during a weather delay. Snooze. I won’t even watch the world series. But…I will watch the College World Series when it involves the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Excuse me, my ziti is ready.


3 responses to “Home Alone: Lost Weekend Edition

  1. “I hate watching baseball”

    It still beats the hell out of cricket.

    “How do I kill three days?”

    Go out and party with your friends that your wife disapproves of. If your anything like me you have some friends that your wife just rolls her eyes when you mention them, let alone hang out with them.

    So what French films have you watched lately that you’d recommend?

  2. I don’t have shady friends like that. And, sadly, they’re all back in the homeland. I get to spend three days dealing with the animals.

    I actually don’t have any French films in the house right now. Just watched Venus, a british film about an aging actor getting involved with a young girl. Creepy but well done.

    I would recommend “The Man on the Train” as a recent French film. Great story of two men who envy the other’s position in life.

  3. breathlessmini

    How did you finish your wedding pic so quickly?

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