Not the job I’d take.

U.S. trains Iraqi women to find female suicide bombers.

Wow. $300 a month to come as close to death as possible. At least give them a 9mm to take out the bomber upon confirmation. I imagine the job training went as such:

“Go find the female suicide bombers.”

“What do I do when I find them?”

“Just worry about finding them for now.”

“But won’t they be eager to detonate their bomb if they feel they’re being detected?”

“Umm, I’ll have to check on that.”

“So I should go stand next to a suicide bomber and hope they don’t notice me checking out their bomb, or think it’s time to meet god?”

“Ummm, yeah, that’s about it.”

“But I get $300?”

“Yes. If you come back.”




5 responses to “Not the job I’d take.

  1. I think you would be highly under-qualified for the position anyway.

  2. Apparently you need a 4 year degree for everything these days…

  3. BOOBS, Monsieur head penis, boobs…

  4. I can see it now.

    A newly trained Fatima holds a “Bomber-ware” party to show this season’s hot new line of stylish vests to wear to that next big crowed social event.

    For faster delivery purposes, names and addresses will be taken of those who purchase.

  5. Ingenious. Are you sure you weren’t working for the Aussie CIA for all those traveling years?

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