Photo Set: American Morning

I’ve always had a strange relationship with Buffalo and the surrounding suburbs. It’s where I was born, where I was raised, and where I think I’ll always feel most at home. Strangely, I feel somewhat out of place there, one of the many reasons I ran (I ran so far away) when it was time for college. It’s a blue collar town, while I eschew collars in favor of grandiose verbosity. I’m one of them liberal elitist pricks. Buffalo is more honest than me. More visceral. Hell, the bars stay open til 4am.

And yet I will always harbor an unseen draw back to my city on the lake. If the economy wasn’t so shat up, and the winter less awful, I’d probably have a long term plan to return. Until the job market rebounds and climate change shortens the winters, I’ll have to enjoy Buffalo from afar.

These photos were taken early one morning throughout the blue collar suburb of North Tonawanda, NY.

This is the alternate bicycle shot. I like it better…except I clipped the rear wheel with the frame. Does it matter? Is it better than the wider shot?


7 responses to “Photo Set: American Morning

  1. breathlessmini

    I like the wider bicycle shot. I like all of the pics but that one actually caught my eye the most & was going tobe my original comment until you gave me the option to say which I liked best. You have now made me think that I crop too much as I usually prefer cropped to wide… except when it comes to pants and hmmm… not going there.

  2. What’s wrong with cropped pants? You fascist.

    I felt the bike got a little lost in the wide shot, while it’s clearly the subject in the closer. Ah, whatever.

  3. I liked the shot of the backyard with the swimming pool.

    I think it’s a great metaphore of the American dream.

    Shabby affluence through consummerism.

    I lived in Toronto for several years (and I hate the fucking place) and it always shocked me when I crossed the border into Buffalo, in how shabby and run down it looked.

    Every time I went into Buffalo I used to think to myself:

    “This is the richest and most powerful counrty in the world?”

  4. Thanks Razz. If you think Buffalo is so awful, please don’t ever venture through Appalachia or other rural areas of the southeast. Or the native american reservations in the midwest, or the….

    Get my point? We’ve got some pretty brutal areas; places that could really use some government help. But no, our money needs to be poured into the sand halfway around the world.

    When were you in Buffalo? There were certainly some really shitty times there, but it’s probably far better now than you saw.

    And are you sure it wasn’t Niagara Falls, NY? Because that is still, for the most part, pretty awful. The best way to describe the Niagara Falls, NY vs Niagara Falls, Ontario, is: East Berlin vs West Berlin. It’s that different.

  5. I didn’t think it was so awful, just shabby. The way the US presents itself to the world can lead us poor bumpkins from overseas to feel a wee bit disappointed when we see the seedier sides of the real thing.

    Downtown LA, now that’s awful (on so many levels). I’ve also been through Appalachia and yep it was poor. Idlewild, Michigan in the early 80’s was really amazing, for all the wrong reasons.

    Don’t think I’m just picking on the US. If you ever come to Sydney, don’t ever go to Redfern or Mt Druitt (not far from where I live). The area around the Todd river in Alice Springs is also an Australian disgrace.

    As for spending all that money in Iraq, hey you gotta make sure all those oil speculators make lots of money and still get oil cheap enough so knuckleheads can drive their Humvees without feeling the pinch.

  6. Oh, I hate that the interstate 90 and 190 give such a grim view of Buffalo. All of the passers-by must think Buffalo is so run-down! Really, as a life-long Buffalonian, I recognize the shabby parts of town, but there are some beautiful parts of the city…Allentown, Elmwood, Delaware Park. I wish those on their way from Toronto to NYC could see those sections instead.

  7. breathlessmini

    Today I like the cropped bike better.

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