“Tiger Woods is not an athlete.”

These words were spoken yesterday by former track star Michael Johnson, during a “motivational speech” he gave in Orlando at the international sales conference of a UK/US software company.  He also said, “Athletes have to train,” and “Golf is a skill.”



8 responses to ““Tiger Woods is not an athlete.”

  1. dougspostalescape

    I have to agree to who ever said that Tiger Woods is not an athlete, also Race Car Drivers are not either,put Jokeys into that group also.

  2. Uh, are you f-ing kidding me? Yes, golf is a skill sport, however Tiger Woods trains, Tiger Woods practices, Tiger Woods just f-ing kicks the ass of anyone out there!

  3. Shan, you are the most passionate pregnant golfer I’ve ever heard.

    Golf is definitely a sport. And Tiger is obviously in great shape. Does that make him an athlete? Depends.

    If the mark is training, sure, he trains constantly, both on the course and in general condition. In golf, you’ll occasionally see some reasonably fit 40 year old making a run at a major tournament. This makes people think that golf doesn’t require athletic prowess. These guys are often peaking at the right time, or even getting lucky, but for Tiger to be winning so consistently, that is something more.

    Marathon runners can point to tennis players and say they they’re not athletes because they can stop after every point. Tennis players can point out that running doesn’t require the split second hand-eye coordination and cat like agility. Which is correct? I think golf and tennis are the closest cousins. Both require exquisite muscle memory. So does being a great shooter in basketball.

    Doug, go walk 72 holes over four days. See how you feel. Oh, and practice for a few hours before each round. And then, do it next weekend too.

  4. i feel like tennis is more a sport than golf, but they are both sports. tennis definitely requires one to be in better shape than golf. i don’t really like golf, but it is definitely a sport. i mean, it’s on nbc sports.

    what may not be a sport is curling. is that a sport?

  5. Ha, ha! Mike I can’t believe you just referred to me as a golfer. I don’t even like going miniature golfing, but for some odd reason I just seem to have this intense love for Tiger. Don’t know why, I just always have. And sorry, my hormones got the best of me in my last comment.

  6. And like… jokeys? Fucking jokeys are THE BEST.

  7. MC – Yup, tennis definitely requires better physical conditioning to perform at the high levels. But then you could argue that swimmers are even better shape than the tennis players. But the boxers are in even better condition than the swimmers…and on and on. So, I agree, if Bob Costas or Ahmad Rashad can comment on it, it’s sport to me (except figure skating, I hate figure skating).

    Shan – You’re at least a vicarious golfer then. And the hormones are quite alright. I think you’ve earned a pass on those…

    smack – You know, Jokeys. Those things you used to make on your blog before you stopped posting altogether. Jokeys.

  8. breathlessmini

    a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport, exercise, or game requiring physical skill.

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