Durango…is awesome.

I wish I had more time to spend here. I also wish my shitty hotel (Holiday Inn) actually had an internet connection that worked. So I’ve been taking notes on things to blog about, taking some cool pictures, and I return to my room with no way to actually access my blog. Bastards.

I’m sitting on the patio at Homeslice Pizza, listening to these hippie stoner kids blather mindlessly about their bullshit interests. It’s all about the energy, man. Totally groovy. And so fucking fake. They’re all acting faux-stoned…and that annoys the shit out of me.

A guy rode by on his bike, “Hey Homeslice…” and the stoner kids replied “Yeah, hey kid on the bike.” Fucking gag me.

“That show was so killer, dude.”

“Dude, there was no good music between like 1990 and like 2004.”

Ahhhh bastards.

I spend most of tomorrow on an airplane, so we’ll see when I actually get a chance to put my wonderful thoughts into words.


5 responses to “Durango…is awesome.

  1. “listening to these hippie stoner kids blather mindlessly about their bullshit interests”

    I feel the same way about pisshead Pommy backpackers.

    Can’t live with ’em
    Not allowed to kill ’em.

    It’s not hard to understand why Henry Rollins wants to get a flamethrower.

  2. breathlessmini

    Gorgeous photo. “no good music between 1990 & 2004?” I guess I agree. I felt pretty did until I first heard “Umbrella” take over the airwaves last year.

    In small doses, I get a kick out of overhearing conversations that I would never quite fit into.

    So th epizza place was really called “Homeslice” & the stoner kid really referred to the other stoner as “homeslice” while sitting at “homeslice?” That’s beginning to make a home-loaf.

  3. Man, don’t you just hate people sometimes? I mean, some people, groups of people actually. People on their own are fine.

  4. Yes, it was really called Homeslice Pizza. And the stoner on the bike was addressing everyone on the patio at Homeslice. He didn’t know them. Just a friendly burnout.

    Eve – you’re right about that. Individually, I think these idiots would come across as decent people, possibly able to hold a conversation. Together, their collective act magnifies and becomes incredibly inane.

  5. did you know that Homeslice translates into “animal husbandry” in reverse gaelic?

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