Lunch Hour Randomness – Mr. Chicken

Two good friends of mine provide today’s story. When they were young, J and M were on a trip with J’s family, and they stopped at a restaurant called Mr. Chicken for a meal. As the story goes, J used the restaurant’s bathroom. Apparently he used all of the bathroom, pissing all over the toilet, floor, walls and sink. Everything.

J was laughing about his exploits as he returned to the table but didn’t explain, just waited for M to use the bathroom and discover what had been done. M did use the bathroom next. J waited patiently for M to return so he could get a reaction…but he didn’t get the one he expected.

M came back from the bathroom non-plussed. J waited for a comment on the piss covered room, yet it didn’t come. J finally asked if he had noticed what had been done. M replied that he did, so he followed suit, pissing on every surface in the dirty bathroom.

That is when the term Mr. Chicken became a noun and a verb. As in, “I’m totally going to Mr. Chicken their bathroom,” or, “He gave the room a solid Mr. Chicken.”

Asked for comment, this is what I just got from M:

Me: i need a quote about mr. chicken. why did you do it?
M: why do you ask about mr. chicken
M: where did this come from
Me: too many questions
Me: why did you do it?
M: how do you know about mr. chicken
Me: everyone knows about that
Me: perhaps not your employer (yet), but it’s otherwise well known
M: why do you bring it up now
M: i’m not giving you anything until i understand how this influences me
Me: forget it.
M: i’m very uneasy about what just happened


9 responses to “Lunch Hour Randomness – Mr. Chicken

  1. Sounds like your friend is worried how you will make him look.

    The scary power of bloggers.

    You should’ve seen my mother in law’s face when I told her over dinner one night that I write in detail on my blog about people who do shitty things. Particularly to me.

  2. this is all quite suspicious.

  3. What’s up with the new avatar? Is that Tom Selleck – Magnum days? I know this has nothing to do with Mr. Chicken but I have to wonder how the newly hairy chested he-man suddenly appeared out of nowhere. From forehead to torso nakedness? Is this a metaphor from previous post’s reference to everything going down? Will we be going even further south in a near future?

  4. Suspiciously amazing.

    And yes, I felt an avatar change was in order…and Magnum PI was the best I could do to express my innermost being.

    If you believe Tom Selleck is somehow representative of “going down,” then I’m afraid we have little else to discuss.

  5. I am bringing this up EVERY SINGLE TIME someone says “what’s wrong with women and public restrooms?!?!” like WE are the ones slinging out donkey kong out and giving the porceline the old yeller.

  6. No, no, you misunderstood. I was referring to the lack of clothing: from forehead to torso to…?

    I love Magnum! It was the pet name my Belgian friends gave my dad after he attempted to shoot one of them who was climbing on my balcony, and my mom’s was Higgins (for reason I choose not to express.)

  7. Nathalie – that is some odd timing. Magnum works in mysterious ways.

  8. breathlessmini

    Women pee all over public restrooms all the time. Perhaps if I knew they were doing it on purpose, I would be amused. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. If they (women, not the men who have aim & control) have spritzed the entire seat with their pisss, then they are probably walking around with piss all over themselves. Consider this next time you meet a woman who says she “hovers” above the public toilet.

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