You wanted to know about New Jersey. Here you go.

Ed. note – I am not New Jersey, nor am I in this picture.


14 responses to “I. AM. NEW JERSEY.

  1. A

  2. I STILL want to know where that originated. Like, every fashion/style is inspired by SOMETHING in nature or industry or… technology. What WAS it?! what WAS IT that made them do this. AND… oh dear lord, at least he wasn’t the shade of vomit that came out of my body after bloody mary’s and dos equuis equis… equus? whatever. they can’t spell anyway.

  3. is that a dishtowel over his head.

    As you can see, i’m so overcome with flabergast that I keep leaving comments. done now.

  4. breathlessmini

    I think it’s an oven mitt hanging over his head. Instead of a light bulb popping up, he gets an oven mitt to inform others that he is one smokin’ hot bro!

  5. breathlessmini

  6. Anyone who spends more than half an hour getting ready in the morning has lost the plot.

  7. Ha. I never noticed that thing over his head. It’s part of the window treatment.

    And, oddly enough, he wasn’t orange. I wish wish wish I had gotten a picture of his date. You’d never believe me.

  8. How much time do you think he spent perfecting the appearance of having spent no time perfecting his hair?

  9. Let’s see…it was a late afternoon ceremony, mid-summer…so the hair product must withstand heat and humidity…

    I’m guessing he was up with the sun.

  10. Seersucker… soooo 2004!

  11. breathlessmini

    I went searching for images of “orange” girls but got distracted. I will back you up. NJ loves getting their orange on. I believe it is a result of spray tanning, sun tanning & baking in tanning beds.

  12. I call shenanigans. He is not from New Jersey, as his collar is not popped. ;)

  13. True, the collar wasn’t popped. I thought the hair and seersucker would overrule the collar. Now I’m not sure.

    Can I get a ruling?

  14. Maybe someone from Tennessee who just moved to Jersey hasn’t gotten it right yet. Because like, seersucker aint jersey.

    I keep saying ain’t. why.

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