More Tiffany & Trevor photos


5 responses to “More Tiffany & Trevor photos

  1. breathlessmini

    More please!! I still want to see more pics from the paid wedding please.

  2. Nice compositions. Nice dof. If you lived in Texas, we could team up for weddings!

    I’ve never seen such a see-through wedding dress – the wedding photographer probably had cold sweats trying to find proper angles.

    On photo numero three, I would desaturate the flowers a bit. They steal the show which belongs to the expression on the groom’s face and his hand touching the wedding ring.

    You’ve got the eye and the right timing. Bravo!

  3. The bride and her aunt made the dress. From scratch. It was definitely on the translucent side when she came down the stairs and the sun was coming down in that spot. Everywhere else, it registered as close to solid white.

    Thanks Nat(h)! I’m working on a site for my wedding work – I’d really like to make a somewhat regular side income from it. Too bad about the distance – I would love to be the second shooter for you.

  4. Nice shots but I just can’t get past the tats. Why oh why do people have to mark themselves up like that?

    That tat on the shoulder is going to look like some blurry black blob in twenty years time.

    I’m all for the here and now, but I bet she will regret her tattoos as she gets a bit older and she wants to wear a strapless gown.

  5. breathlessmini

    Wow, that’s really nice for handmade. It helps that she has a great shape for it.

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