At the Holiday Inn

From the Colorado trip.

And does this strike anyone else as strange?

It seems they could have gone so many directions with this little sign.  “Please use this wash cloth to strangle a drifter, remove your scary clown makeup, and sop up all that blood from the trunk of your rental car.”


2 responses to “At the Holiday Inn

  1. Yep that’s a hotel room allright. They are so much the same, just about anywhere you care to go.

    I spent two years living in such rooms when I used to work in the states.

    Back in those days they used to have metal keys. I kept keys from about half of the hotels that I stayed at. I’ve got about 75 keys, including one for the Waldorf Astoria in NYC.

  2. breathlessmini

    Was it a crappy washcloth with stains and such? Why would they encourage you to wash your windshield & wipe your face with it? That strikes me as more than odd. Very un-even. I am at a loss for words.

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