Where Have All The Spinners Gone?

Back in the boom years of the middle-aughts, I seemed to come across multiple automobiles riding spinners each day. They were all over. And from some slipshod research, I discovered that they weren’t cheap. People were certainly spending wisely when they invested in such gear.

But now….no spinners. I never see them. Not on the Escalade, not on the Gran Torino. Not on the Cadillac Brougham, not on the Dodge Avenger.

With this stupid economy backsliding, I understand why people are refraining from purchases that aren’t core necessities*. No new spinners. Fine. So where the hell did the existing ones go? Are the spinning attachments stolen for scrap chrome? Are they being sold into foreign markets? Are the Chinese stark-raving-mad for spinning rims, eagerly throwing their newfound middle-classiness into 22″ Vogues?

Somebody. Anybody. Help me find the spinners.

*Spinners are one step removed from “core necessity”. For perspective, diapers and infant formula are two steps removed from “must have items”.


5 responses to “Where Have All The Spinners Gone?

  1. breathlessmini

    That is a terrific observation. I was recently lamenting the loss of whitewall tires but that was a much older trend. Where have all of the spinners gone?
    Somewhat related, how do all of the people with the super fancy, shiny rims keep them clean. Big Papi fills his rims with brake dust all the time. They are cheap rims tho. Bad chrome. Less than $1200 for the set as opposed to $1200/each. That must be the difference.

  2. That is cheap. Wife in a Rowboat gave one of the Passat wheels a minor rashing. Called the dealer to inquire about replacement cost.
    W: How much for a Passat rim?
    D: $800
    W: No, I just need one.
    D: Yeah, $800. Still want it?
    W: (hangs up)

  3. breathlessmini

    My Sebring rim was $300 used. Knowing that makes it difficult for me to attempt to sell the whole car for $500. I shall aim higher since all four rims will be included.

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  5. Apparently JoAnne thinks I’m a tool. I don’t know her, I don’t remember offending her, so this unprovoked attack certainly has my attention. More to come.

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