Friday Photo Friend Feature

A good IRL friend, known in these parts as Breathlessmini, has developed a knack for concert photography. After having a look at her growing portfolio yesterday, I think it’s time to share some of the gems with the motley PiaR readership. Enjoy.

I included this last picture of Alexa Ray Joel because of the somewhat threatening size of her chest.


4 responses to “Friday Photo Friend Feature

  1. that bunny gave me nightmares. but I like it. I always like what scares me.

  2. breathlessmini

    I am honored beyond belief. They look ok all in a row =)

  3. That bunny is awesome.

    They look more than ok. No need to self-deprecate on this blog.

  4. I want that bunny costume so much. I also want to know who gets paid to wear it at each show & how much they make.

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