First post from the iPhone

Saturday morning brought me the much desired iPhone – and it only took me 45 minutes total. Win. Now I have zero excuses for ignoring twitter or this blog. And the wordpress app isn’t half bad, though typing on this keyboard ain’t so much fun. See? Now my grammar is going to shit. Ooh, I can add camera photos.



2 responses to “First post from the iPhone

  1. Ok. Blindfolds off permanently now! I’m a total apple girl. I posted from Iphone a few days ago! (Did not get first one cuz of slow internet) It really is amazing. I agree about the typing but having the sound attached seems to help me with that! And, the camera is not bad, either. Have had email problems, though. Not being able to use my POP account (comcast) server but gmail and now mobile me is up and working. Did you have any issues with email?

  2. Now I’m in line for one more…for the wife in a rowboat.
    Pat- I’ve been a big apple nerd for most of this decade. Huge. The wife has the original iphone and it’s not that slow, but the speakerphone sucks.
    No problem with gmail but I prefer the conversation threading of the online version. Haven’t got my work email set up yet.

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