Working the Powershot

I’m not a fan of point and shoot cameras.  Years of SLR experience has made me a camera snob, believing p&s units have inferior lenses and functionality.  And I’m right.  But the value of being able to keep the thing in my back pocket has to count for something.  So, for the first time, I put the Powershot into manual mode and adjusted the exposure.  Obviously not able to deal with the foreground, but not so bad.

Industrial dog park sunset.


6 responses to “Working the Powershot

  1. breathlessmini

    Oh, that’s a nice one!

  2. Do you know your blog title is translated to “title unknown” by Google Reader?

    So, it isn’t just ol’girl me. It’s anything goes Google, too??

    I shouldn’t say ‘anything goes Google” since they agreed to censor stuff for China. Like porn and history. No Tinamannen Square google query will give you what actually happened, if you do the query from China.

    PS. My cousin was traveling in China recently and couldn’t get my blog, time after time she tried and it just came up as “page not found”. I think the singleforareason name suggested to the Chinese some sort of porn site (ala Eliot Spitzer call girl type of thing) and google nixed it.

    Just makes me laugh. Banned in China.
    Your site, too, for sure.

  3. BM – Thanks. You’ll be in front of my lens shortly. Just wait.

    Pat – That’s odd…the Chinese are usually so freewheeling and carefreee. Their impeccable handling of the Olympics has really set off the Wife in a Rowboat. She already hated the Olympics, but that’s a different post.

    Anyways, my blog is officially untitled. This theme calls for a plain font title (between the solid and dashed lines at top) and header graphic. I thought the title looked like ass so I incorporated it into my soon-to-be-award-winning header graphic. I had to leave the official title blank, which is why it shows up blank in google reader.

    I will be moving this site to a custom wordpress install soon…then I’ll have the flexibility to address such problems without paying off wordpress to muddle with css.

  4. I think you still have to buy a theme (I think they are about $700) to change it. I’m pretty sure that wordpress .php code refers back to a data base on the wordpress server and you can’t get around it unless you’ve got your third degree black belt in code. Then again, I could be wrong…. it wouldn’t be the first time. Let me know how you fare as I’ve got my blog on an independent server.

    I’ve got the opposite problem with cameras to you. I got burnt out working in the professional photo industry and put my SLRs down for nearly 20 years.

    Over the last 8 years I’ve been taking photos with a sureshot and I’ve gotten used to not thinking when I take a shot. Thinking that I’ll fix it up in photoshop.

    Now that I’ve got a DSLR I have to remember to think about things like exposure again. Had fun on the weekend taking shots at night with 30 second exposures but in the morning it was a drag as I waited for the mirror to come back down when I took my first shot of the day.


  5. Oh, Razz, I make that same mistake pretty often. I’m also pretty good at forgetting to change the ISO from 1600 back to something more viewable. I guess that’s part of the reason pros have assistants.

  6. A custom wordpress installation is actually quite cheap. You need the URL and some hosting space. I’m fortunate to get a great deal on the space so I’m out about $10 a year for my address.

    There are a slew of free wordpress themes out there. And since it’s a custom install, you’re free to mess around and do something completely unique. You need a server with a wordpress database on it – my new blog will not call back to the official wordpress in that way.

    The new blog should be running in a week or so. I’m just a little busy with wedding, moving, and trip to Boston this week.

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