Kickin it in jersey, again.

Another weekend, another wedding in jersey. Not sure if I’ll find another amazing hairstyle, but I’ll certainly be prowling with the paparazzi lens again.

Today I’m working remote for a few hours before heading off to the rehearsal dinner. I get to read at the ceremony. I have 24 hours to learn how.

This is my nephew underneath my work headphones.



3 responses to “Kickin it in jersey, again.

  1. In Jersey, think mullet.

    The nephew is damn cute. Not sure about the fashion statement though. Is that a tee-shirt?

  2. That would be his favorite “around-the-house” attire: his prized University of Maryland basketball jersey. Being a North Carolina fan, it’s hard to look at. Poor kid.

  3. He is the most adorable craft ever.

    PS I have some excellent pictures of orange people. Someone from my high school added me as a facebook friend & I accepted because it seems wrong to say no (that’s what she said) &, um, anyway, I think I have to not be her “friend” anymore after seeing her pictures. Way too much orange skin & beer drinking.

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