iPhone Camera Study: bathrooms of the american highway

I’m starting to like this thing.






11 responses to “iPhone Camera Study: bathrooms of the american highway

  1. Mmmmm….

    Cameras in toilets.

    Watch out no one gets the wrong idea or you might be seeking some assistance to remove your phone from where you mother never kissed you.

    I like the shot with the grey tiles. The yellow water (a record of your recent work, perhaps?) contrasts rather well with the over all monotone hues of the rest of the shot. Almost like a Mondrian.

  2. I’m certainly not liking the asparagus pee one.

  3. You could have flushed.

    Also, it took an iphone for you to photograph bathrooms? I am disappointed =)

  4. Silly me for thinking the PiaR readers would see past the ureen and appreciate the art of the bathroom shot. I didn’t do it. All pictures were taken to document the condition of the room as I found it.

    Razz – I only photograph behind locked doors. And I don’t think they had Mondrian in mind when designing these places.

    Mini – Some of us don’t carry our DSLR to every meal and toilet break. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  5. Glaucous comes to mind.

    Do you have anything more cheerful to share with us like mullets, orange people, and seersucker suits? Didn’t you go to NJ this week-end? What happened to the quest?

  6. Wow, that takes some good photos. Love the shots.

  7. Ok. I admit it. I also have a fetish with taking pictures in the bathroom. Was that odd to admit? Uh. Awkward moment. Why not label WHERE the b-rooms are…?


  8. Yes, I did go to Jersey. No, I don’t have great pictures to share yet. They are still trapped on my memory card, because I’ve been busy and sick…and preparing for tomorrow’s trip to Boston. Pictures will arrive…eventually.

    Thanks Eve. The photo quality surprised me for what is essentially a 2mm hole in the casing

    DJ – I haven’t labeled WHERE because I was trying to avoid bathroom picture fetishists like yourself. #1 and #3 are from the White Castle on Rte 9 in NJ. I’ll try to keep better track of my locations from now on.

  9. #3 is my favorite. I really like the reflection of the floor pattern in the hand dryer. The contrast of the blue tiles and seemingly yellow grout also appeals to me. If I look closely I can also see what looks like your hands in the reflection. Wow, I am being serious here even if it seems like sarcasm. It reads very sarcastic. I don’t mean it that way =)

    Also, it was great of me to get a picture of the man in my salad yet somehow neglect taking a picture of all of us. Good job on my part. That removes my ability to criticize your lack of toilet photos.

    ALSO, have fun in Boston =)

  10. Was there any foot tapping goin’ on in there?? Too bad, that would have made for a nice IPHONE exculsive.

  11. No tapping, but I’ll be in multiple airports today, so we’ll see if any lonely congressman come a’ tap-tap-tapping below the stall door. Quoth the raven, nevermore.

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