Why must everything be so complicated?

I’m really good at finding canceled flights…except they’re usually not canceled until I get to the airport, which means I have otherworldly powers like the short scary lady in poltergeist, or I sniff them out like a decalibrated truffle pig with poor self image. Yeah, that’s me right now.



5 responses to “Why must everything be so complicated?

  1. Which one is you? The guy with his head down? And is the Poltergeist lady you mentioned the one who is still alive or the one who fell into the Poltergeist curse? Not that it matters much. Just curious.

  2. Well, I had to sleep over at Pearson International in TO, on a concrete floor, in line for tickets, because the whole damn city was shut down due to a blizzard. So there!

  3. I love the way how catching a plane in the US can be a bit like catching a bus.

    I was checking in once, about and hour and a half before a flight in Los Angeles, when the counter person said if we had only hand baggage (we had) we could catch the plane that was now boarding.


    The only thing was that the airline (Alaskan) had switched to a smaller plane and hadn’t told the ground staff.

    Luckilly we got to our seats and sat down quickly because about the last 10 people on board had their seats (at the back of the plane) taken by people whose seat numbers didn’t exist and they weren’t going to give them up.

    Fist fights nearly broke out and the cabin crew had to bribe a bunch of people by giving them extra ticket credits to get off and catch the next plane.

    If I hadn’t just arrived after a long flight from Japan, I’d have taken the extra credits.

  4. Mini – I think it’s the one who was cursed. That movie still scares the shit of me. Craig T Nelson…{cold shiver}

    Eve – Were you in line for Tragically Hip tickets? Okay, maybe not. At least you would have gotten free healthcare if you had slipped into a fever while waiting.

    Razz – From you, I’d expect to hear that a fight did break out, and you broke it up using your seat cushion, and then you got arrested and held overnight for being who you are. This is relatively tame story for you.

  5. When I was younger and much stupider, sure, it would’ve been on for young and old!

    I stopped doing all that kind of thing a while back. I haven’t been in any scraps since I was 40 and I’m hoping to keep it that way.

    It’s a bad look to be in your 50’s and getting your arse whipped.

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